When the Lamps Went out: Life on Tyneside during the First World War

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We all got a little bit excited yesterday when the #Worlife1915 project team allowed us to take a sneak peak at the latest item they've collected.

This is a biscuit (yes that's right) from #WW1. The biscuit is made into a photo frame and includes a picture of some soldiers.

It's in superb condition thanks to the varnish it's been coated with. We're currently researching the background of the biscuit and will hopefully bring you more details soon.

10:13am 16 Apr 2015


West End Stories: Gerrard Robinson

West End Stories is a programme of events, talks and community exhibitions about West Newcastle upon Tyne. It has been developed in partnership with St James' Centre for Heritage & Culture in Benwell. Gerrad Robinson was a wood carver and artisan who was born in Forth Street, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1848. He died in 1891 in Pine Street in the West End of Newcastle. Art Historian John Millard talks about Robinson's life and work including: The Boar Hunt' from 1879 which can be seen in the Northern Spirit Gallery at the Laing Art Gallery and the wood carving Tam O'Shanter' which was used in the West End Stories exhibition in 2013. http://www.twmuseums.org.uk/laing/northernspirit/gerrard-robinson-1834-1891/