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Gastropod - Portland Screw

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Aptyxiella portlandica

(Animalia, Invertebrata, Mollusca, Gastropoda)

Description: Specimen of a fossil gastropod (snail), a Portland Screw, Aptyxiella portlandica, probably collected from the Portland Stone of Late Jurassic, Tithonian age from Dorset (SW England).

This gastropod (snail shell) fossil is interesting, because it shows us what the inside of this shell looked like. Usually, we only see the outside of the shell. The shell of this fossil has dissolved away, and we can see the rock inside the shell. Fossils of the insides of long, pointed gastropods like this one are called screwstones.

The specimen was found in Dorset.

It is from the Jurassic period (206 - 144 million years ago)

Collected from: Dorset

Period: Jurassic (Late), Tithonian, Portland Stone

Absoulute age: 141 - 156 my

Rock: Portland Stone

Record Number: NEWHM:2004.H70