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Sycostoma pyrus

(Animalia, Invertebrata, Mollusca, Gastropoda)

Description: Specimen of a fossil gastropod, Sycostoma pyrus Solander, collected from the Bracklesham Group (?) or Barton Group (?) of Tertiary, Eocene age. Collected by Edward Charlesworth.

This sea snail lived in a shallow, subtropical sea with lots of other shellfish. The thin, delicate shell suggests that it lived in a sheltered, low-energy (calm water) environment. It was a predator and a scavenger that fed on live molluscs and dead animals and plants as it moved around on the sea floor. The snail shell was one of the first British fossils to be given a scientific name using the new Linnean classification system by Daniel Solander in 1766.

This specimen is from the Tertiary period (65 - 1.8 million years ago)

Period: Tertiary, Eocene, Bracklesham Group (?) or Barton Group (?)

Absoulute age: 33.7 - 54.8 my

Rock: Bracklesham Group (?) or Barton Group (?)

Collected by: Charlesworth, Edward

Record Number: NEWHM:G162.70