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My visual memories

A photo of Adrienne

Adrienne was born in Tynemouth in 1947. Adrienne is second generation English on her father's side and 3rd generation English on her mother's. She did her degree in Leeds, trained as a teacher and then taught in Liverpool before returning to Newcastle. She was Headteacher of the Jewish Day School, later called the King David School, in Jesmond and then in Gosforth for twelve years. She played a key role in running Maccabi for over 30 years.

Adrienne was interviewed by Anita Wan on 16 June 2006. The interview took place in the participant's home and lasted for 44 minutes.

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Passing on Traditions

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We would like more people to come...more Jewish young people to come to Newcastle and stay here and bring families. Because it is a good place, the quality of life here is good. I mean, all of the young people like my eldest son say they would love to come back but there's no school for them now, no this that and other. I mean, my eldest son Mark, one of the reasons they're going to LA is because he hates London. Hates it! You know, but that's where there's a Jewish community. Now in LA, first of all it's more laidback, there's 248,000 Jews, of various, you know, varying degrees. Whereas it never occurred to my daughter-in-law that she would ever meet anybody, marry anybody who wasn't Jewish because she knew there were so many around, everywhere she was. I was very worried that my kids wouldn't because there were so few.

Knowing that I'm fairly heathen, it seems a bit hypocritical but it's traditional, it's history. In our religion, as you know, at least I think you know, if a girl marries out of the religion, their children are still Jewish. If a boy marries out of the religion, the children are not. You know, unless they convert and all the rest of it which is not easy. I want my grandchildren if I ever have any, to have the same sort of traditions that we knew and that my children knew. If they weren't to know, I would lose out sharing it with them. How much they're going to share when they're in LA, God alone knows. And also, if they don't have Jewish grand, Jewish children, then Hitler's winning a belated victory. If they have Jewish grandchildren, we're defeating them every single time. With each Jewish child that's born, Hitler is being defeated all over again and that's very important to me.

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A class at the Jewish Day School, 1980s.
The Jewish Day School children outside the UHC Synagogue.
Jewish Day School trip to London.
Jewish Day School trip to London.
Adrienne's father's Certificate of Registration. He had moved to England from Russia.
Adrienne's father's Certificate of Registration. He had moved to England from Russia.
Freda Shipere's identity book.
Freda Shipere's identity book.
Freda Shipere's identity book.