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My visual memories

A photo of Sarah

Sarah was born in Elswick in 1924. Sarah joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service when she was 17, serving 4 years in the Services. She worked in the Civil Service in Newcastle until 1952 and was transferred to London in 1953. She moved back to Newcastle in 1960 with her husband.

Sarah was interviewed by Kylea Little on Thursday 8th June 2006. The interview took place in the participant's home and lasted for 53 minutes.

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Well, I liked being in London, you know, I like it. When I first went there, I had a job and then there was all different places to go to. And I would have probably remained in London if we'd been able to afford to buy a house. But we couldn't, we couldn't afford it even in those days. I mean, you could have bought a house for about maybe four or five thousand. Sounds daft now but I'm talking about mid-fifties. And first of all, we didn't have enough money to put down for a deposit for a house and so that was why we lived in a furnished flat. And then came back to Newcastle because I was expecting my second child and we bought this house. And we've been in this house since 1960.

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