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My visual memories

A photo of Sarah

Sarah was born in Elswick in 1924. Sarah joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service when she was 17, serving 4 years in the Services. She worked in the Civil Service in Newcastle until 1952 and was transferred to London in 1953. She moved back to Newcastle in 1960 with her husband.

Sarah was interviewed by Kylea Little on Thursday 8th June 2006. The interview took place in the participant's home and lasted for 53 minutes.

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When it comes to the anniversary of someone's death, like say a year, and you go? you go by the Jewish date. You know there's a Jewish ca? you know there's a ? I mean I could say, oh well, 17th October or something or I'll say, my husband died March 26th but when it came to the year after he died, I don't look and say, oh March 26th, you always go by the corresponding date in the Jewish calendar 'cos the Jewish calendar is different. So you light a? you have a special prayer, you see, and you light what we call a Yartzeit light which is year's time. Not celebrating but, what shall we say? it's not a celebration but you're just remembering? a remembrance thing for, well my parents and unfortunately for my husband as well. But go by the Jewish date or the English date which corresponds with that particular Jewish date for that year.
When my husband died and my sons, they went to synagogue every morning for special prayers. And they say that right through till they have the? well12 months till they have the consecration of the? you know? like a stone setting the year after. Although I don't think, I don't think you have to wait a year before they do the stone setting. I think? I mean, we did, almost anyway, but I think some people? I don't know? they'll have it done 6 months or 9 months.

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