Julie Milne, chief of art galleries (L) stands with Maggi Hunt (R), a founder member of the Laing Exhibition scheme.

Julie Milne, chief of art galleries (L) stands with Maggi Hunt (R), a founder member of the Laing Exhibition scheme.

Exhibitions are the lifeblood of the Laing Art Gallery and every year we aim to bring the best art to the region. The Laing's exhibition programme in 2012/13 includes the stunning exhibition of royal photographs from the V&A followed by an exhibition of work from the Newlyn School in March 2013 and a major exhibition of Old Master Paintings in June 2013 called Divine Bodies.

The reality of planning big exhibitions is that they require significant investment and we depend heavily on our family of funders, Friends and individual donors to put them on.

More than ever, we need your help to bring important exhibitions to the Laing and keep admission free. That is why we are asking you to consider becoming an Exhibition Partner of the Laing Art Gallery.

The Exhibition Partners of the Laing Art Gallery is a membership scheme for people who share a passionate interest in art and wish to support the Gallery's exhibition programme.

For a contribution of £30, members of the Laing's Exhibition Partners scheme will receive exclusive preview tours of exhibitions, regular updates about forthcoming events and their name included on the Laing Art Gallery website.

Maggi Hunt, pictured, a founder member of the Exhibition Partners scheme explains why she got involved:
"I joined the Laing Exhibition Partners because I think the Gallery is a very special place, and I wanted to play my part in supporting the wonderful exhibitions that it provides free to visitors.

"I believe it is important that everyone has access to great works of art, and becoming a Laing Exhibition Partner gives me a direct opportunity to help the Laing deliver an exciting programme of free exhibitions in the future."

If you share our passion for great art please give what you can because working together we can deliver an exciting programme of free exhibitions long into the future. Click here to become a member for £30, or to give another amount please call (0191) 277 2196 or email

Current Laing Exhibition Partners:

Dr Helen Brooke
Mr Richard John Dugdale
Mrs Lesley Godfrey
Ms Maggi Hunt
Mrs Margaret Hutchinson
Mr Stephen Inglis
Dr Brian Ridley Roy
Mr Peter Skevington
Fr Leonard Skinner
Mr Peter Stephenson
Mr James Tarn
Ms Carol Thompson
Mrs Audrey Williams
Mrs Vera Fletcher
Ms Irene Soulsby
Mr Mark Keville
Mr Tim Binmore
Mrs Heather Binmore
Mr Anthony Edwards
Mr Ian Lightfoot
Mrs E.C. Storey
Mr Eric Vynckier
Mrs John Beesley
Mrs & Mrs John & Andrea Kinghorn
Ms Carole Howells
Mrs Barbara Kempston
Mrs Christa Clemmetsen
Mr Dave Besag
Prof. Henricke Laehnemann
Mr Peter Atkinson
Mr James Jonas
Mrs Janet Murrell
Me Robert M. Atkinson
Mr Steven Smith
Dr Philip Hodes
Dr Ian Laing
Mrs Valerie Metcalf
Dr G. Blessed
Mr Jonathan Storey