Paul Noble Marble Hall

04 Sep 10 - 07 Jul 14

Villa Joe by Paul Noble.

Villa Joe by Paul Noble.

Artwork by Turner Prize-nominated artist Paul Noble has been acquired by the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

‘Villa Joe’ (2008) is a large scale wool tapestry which is the centrepiece of the artist’s installation ‘Paul Noble Marble Hall’, currently on show at the Laing. The work has been bought with the support of the Art Fund and the V&A Purchase Grant Fund, with contribution from the Friends of the Laing Art Gallery. 

A further ceramic work by Paul Noble has also been gifted to the Laing Art Gallery by the artist. 

Julie Milne, Chief Curator of the Laing Art Gallery, said: 

“Paul Noble’s installation looks absolutely spectacular in the marble hall of Laing Art Gallery. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to acquire his tapestry Villa Joe for the Laing Art Gallery’s collection and of course we owe a huge thanks to Paul Noble himself who has gifted an additional ceramic sculpture to the gallery.

“Both the pieces will now become a permanent part of the Laing’s collection of art so that they can be enjoyed by many more people for years to come.” 

Cllr Ged Bell, Chair of the Tyne & Wear Joint Archives & Museums Committee said: 

“Although now based in London, Paul Noble grew up in Whitley Bay, and it is a huge pleasure to have his internationally renowned work on show here in the North East at the Laing Art Gallery.” 

‘Villa Joe’ shows an imaginary landscape which the artist has said is influenced by the region where he grew up – in particular "the flat, grey skies of wintry Whitley Bay". 

Paul Noble was nominated for the 2012 Turner Prize alongside artists Luke Fowler, Elizabeth Price and Spartacus Chetwynd. 

The ‘Paul Noble Marble Hall’ installation of artwork by Paul Noble is inspired by the Laing Art Gallery’s original building. It was supported by the Friends of the Laing Art Gallery and is on show now at the Laing. 




A popular one from the collection for you today - The Stone Pickers (1887) by George Clausen.

11:00am 29 Mar 2015

Here's a fantastic blog about our Conscience & Conflict exhibition by author Lydia Syson. Her first novel for teenagers, A World Between Us, is set among British International Brigaders in the Spanish Civil War and its hero is an artist.

The History Girls: 'Intervene in the field of the imagination' by Lydia Syson
I really enjoyed this post. Other than reading the usual writers, Laurie Lee etc, I have never looked at the Spanish Civil War from the point of view of British artists and I am really surprised to see that the support for the Republicans was so extensive in UK. I saw a wonderful exhibition in Madri…

4:10pm 27 Mar 2015


West End Stories: Gerrard Robinson

West End Stories is a programme of events, talks and community exhibitions about West Newcastle upon Tyne. It has been developed in partnership with St James' Centre for Heritage & Culture in Benwell. Gerrad Robinson was a wood carver and artisan who was born in Forth Street, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1848. He died in 1891 in Pine Street in the West End of Newcastle. Art Historian John Millard talks about Robinson's life and work including: The Boar Hunt' from 1879 which can be seen in the Northern Spirit Gallery at the Laing Art Gallery and the wood carving Tam O'Shanter' which was used in the West End Stories exhibition in 2013.

West End Stories: St James' Heritage & Environment Group

West End Stories is a programme of events, talks and community exhibitions about West Newcastle upon Tyne. It has been developed in partnership with St James' Centre for Heritage & Culture in Benwell. St James' Church in Benwell has a really interesting history, in some ways in reflects the history of Newcastle's West End. Judith Green talks about St James' Church and the graveyard, the history of St James' Heritage & Environment group and plans for the future. St James' Heritage and Environment Group is an independent voluntary organisation set up in 2010 to support the restoration and improvement of St James' Church building and churchyard in Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne. The group also set up the St James' Centre for Heritage & Culture based at the church. The group runs events and activities intended to explore and celebrate the history of the west end of Newcastle. They have also produced a series of local history booklets and heritage trails which are available free of charge at drop-ins and events in the Church. You can visit St James' Centre for Heritage & Culture every Tuesday 12pm - 4pm