Sunlit Pleasures: Painting in Newlyn & St Ives

02 Feb - 22 May 13

Blackberrying (detail), 1917, by Harold HarveyOctober, Hosking's Mill by Samuel 'Lamorna' BirchThe Herring Season by Charles Simpson

Blackberrying (detail), 1917, by Harold Harvey

Between about 1880 and 1930, the small Cornish fishing village of Newlyn became a magnet for artists. The work they produced, enhanced by an often-remarked upon quality of light, made the name of this village, and later the nearby village of St Ives, famous throughout the art world – a fame the area retains to this day.

This exhibition will draw on the collections of the Laing Art Gallery, together with key loans from within Tyne & Wear Museums & Archives. Including the work of important figures such as Harold and Laura Knight, Stanhope & Elizabeth Forbes, and Samuel ‘Lamorna’ Birch, it will explore the artistic development of the area and look at the reasons why Newlyn and St Ives has had such a lasting effect on so many artists.


Did you help us at our Big Wednesday make the giant pointillism painting? Here's a photo of the finished piece. It looks amazing!

12:11pm 28 May 2015

This is weekend is your last chance to see our Modern Masters exhibition from Balman Gallery. Do come along and browse (or buy) original prints by Matisse, Miro, Chagall and Picasso.

Modern Masters - Laing Art Gallery
Modern Masters' is a small but exciting exhibition of original prints for sale, brought to the Laing from Balman Gallery, Corbridge. On show will be a wide range of prints by Europe's top 20th century masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Miro.

8:00am 28 May 2015



WW1 evening dress

21 May 2015

Five WW1 evening outfits. Recently we had some of our beautiful costume collection photographed professionally as part of the ‘Wor Life’ project.