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Photograph of Jimmy Harris

Jimmy Harris

Jimmy belongs to: Royal British Legion Seaman's Mess

Jimmy was born in Dulwich in London. Jimmy served in both the Royal Navy and merchant navy. He was on the Ashanti when it ran aground at Whitburn in 1940.

Jimmy was interviewed by Kylea Little on 22 November 2005. The interview took place at South Shields Royal British Legion and lasted 43 minutes and 54 seconds.

Photograph of Jimmy Harris
Photograph of Jimmy Harris

Sea sickness

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"I was very fortunate. Oh, I did, I did feel ill, I had one particular bout that I should never forget"

I was very fortunate. Oh, I did, I did feel ill, I had one particular bout that I should never forget in the Royal Sovereign, big battleships and they have got a horrible motion. Well, there were about 300 boys aboard there, because of course a quarter of the navy were boys, I mean. And we were in the Irish Sea and we had the RNVR people aboard, you know, the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves, they used to do a fortnight at sea every year. Well, we got a fortnight or something, anyway, we had them aboard. And they were sick, they were sick all over the place everywhere, sick, you know, up towards the headsteps and the foreward of the ship. So the boys got the job to clear this up and thatís the only I was really ill- wiping up other peopleís spew- that wasnít very nice. But thatís the only time Iíve been really- and then I couldnít show it, you know, you had to contain it.

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