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Photograph of Joan Phillips

Joan Phillips

Joan belongs to: Cullercoats Community Centre

Joan was born in Cullercoats. She worked abroad before returning to Cullercoats. Joan now spends her time writing.

Joan was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 1 March 2006. The interview took place at Cullercoats Community Centre and lasted 31 minutes and 8 seconds.

Photograph of Joan Phillips
Photograph of Joan Phillips

Playing on the beach

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"Oh yes- on the rocks. We used to, I used to, know the, the path across rocks"

Oh yes- on the rocks. We used to, I used to, know the, the path across rocks, especially on the south side, really well, because there were special foot holds, you know, in the, in the rocks and you just followed them. And, oh yes, played on the beach a lot, and went into the water a lot.

I didnít care for the water very much because I got salt water boils- I still have the marks to this day, and I, you know, you got sand in your towels and that, and you could, you could never get your feet free of sand because you washed them, you had to walk over the sand to get home. I was a bit rather fastidious about that, but yes, we played on the rocks and we used to go... I never ventured very far into the caves, but the caves were there, you know, there was the Fairyís Cave and there was the Smugglerís Cave, and so on, and it was, it was a happy childhood.

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