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Photograph of Karl Holford at Fenham Lesiure Centre

Karl Holford

Karl belongs to: The Diving Centre Ltd

Karl learnt to dive through his father Stan. He grew up with diving with his brother Michael. Karl manages The Diving Centre Ltd, providing the diving community with equipment, training and advice.

Karl was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 17 January 2006. The interview took place at Discovery Museum History office and lasted 38 minutes and 50 seconds.

Photograph of a diver underwater holding a flash
St Abbs Head

St Abbs Head

Diver at Wuddy Rocks at St Abbs. The photograph was taken at the entrance to long gullies that cut through the headland. The current streams through these gullies making the marine life very rich. The diver in the photograph is holding a flash, triggered by the camera.

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