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Photograph of Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Michael belongs to: The Doxford Engine Friends Association

Michael was born in West Sussex and went to school in London. He came to the North East to study at South Shields Marine College. He is an engineer in the merchant navy.

Michael was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 26 January 2006. The interview took place at Sunderland Museum and lasted 25 minutes and 9 seconds.

Photograph of Michael Wilson
Photograph of Michael Wilson

Living conditions in the merchant navy

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"The living conditions are normally very, very good"

The living conditions are normally very, very good- I mean, thereís a vast difference between when I first came to sea where conditions were relatively spartan- the food left a lot to be desired. You certainly didnít have, your only form of entertainment was probably a radio. You would maybe have what was known as Walpole pictures but they seem to have gone now and that was it. All the ships Iíve been on, everybodyís got their own cabin with en suite bathroom and toilet, so you can live in your own little world. Some of the ships, the accommodations can be quite poor but in general itís fairly reasonable, especially if youíre going to warm conditions, the ships are air conditioned, thereís a large degree of insulation both for sound and for noise so you canít necessarily hear the machinery. It has improved but this has only been demanded by really officialdom- itís certainly not by any benevolent ship ownerís wish.

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