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Photograph of Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Michael belongs to: The Doxford Engine Friends Association

Michael was born in West Sussex and went to school in London. He came to the North East to study at South Shields Marine College. He is an engineer in the merchant navy.

Michael was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 26 January 2006. The interview took place at Sunderland Museum and lasted 25 minutes and 9 seconds.

Photograph of Michael Wilson
Photograph of Michael Wilson

Safety at sea

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"It can be very dangerous"

It can be very dangerous. I mean, one of the things is paramount in any form of work today is safety and that is drilled into everybody. But I mean, Iím involved with petroleum tankers and yes we carry highly, highly volatile cargos. So you have to adopt a safe, a safe policy, I mean. As I said, I want to leave a ship by the gangway, I donít want to have little, little wings on my back, you know. But it is, it can be, can be dangerous, but itís up to you to make sure it doesnít get to that.

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