Halloween Horrors at the Fort

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Our friends over at Discovery Museum have a rather special new acquisition this week. It was quite the delicate operation to get this beast installed outside the museum. The crane came all the way from Heathrow to lift it, once it had been painstakingly driven into the space.


Discovery Museum

Yesterday was an exciting day at the museum as we welcomed the latest acquisition, the Challenger 2 tank. Here's some photo's of the enormous task involved in getting the tank into its new home. There's more to come! Come along next week and you'll start to see the transformation around the tank.

2:20pm 24 Oct 2014

20p! This is great.

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Throwback Thursday :)

2:02pm 24 Oct 2014


Ebola and Plague in Newcastle in 1636

22 Oct 2014

We’ve all become aware of the recent awful effects of the Ebola virus in West Africa and its impact on the people of that area.  A range of responses…