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Rooting through our old picture files again! Here's a corker form the 1970s for #throwbackthursday - does anyone know who is on this, and when exactly is may have been? (The image is Roy Lawson's.)

9:22am 26 Feb 2015

We're currently reducing our entry fee by £1 as we're undergoing some essential maintenance and refurbishment at the moment. Remember - kids under 16 always go free. The reconstructed bath house and the Roman Galley are closed, we're very sorry & hope you can bear with us. Here's a picture from the ROOF of the viewing tower on a sunny day - just because, well, we like it.

1:22pm 25 Feb 2015


Enigmatic Objects

26 Feb 2015

One of the most pleasurable things about working with the archaeology in the Great North Museum is the sheer variety of material we have in our collections.