Re-live the glorious days of the steam railway at the Stephenson Railway Museum in North Shields.  George and Robert Stephenson spent 20 years in North Tyneside developing their pioneering ideas which helped spread railways and locomotives around the world.  Today the Museum celebrates their achievement.  A range of fascinating locomotives are on display including George Stephenson's 'Billy', a forerunner of the world- famous Rocket.  Interactive exhibitions explore how trains work and the impact on peoples’ lives of coal and electricity, crucial in the development of railway power.

On running days visitors can take a ride on a passenger train pulled by the 'Jackie Milburn' steam engine or heritage diesel locomotives. 

The Museum is home to:


  • The early locomotive 'Billy' - built in Newcastle around 1826 and used for hauling coal
  • Steam and diesel locomotives used on Tyneside and elsewhere from as early as the 1880s
  • An electrically-powered parcels van of 1904 from the pioneering Tyneside suburban electric railway system
  • An electric locomotive - built in 1909 for use on a colliery line
  • A fleet of passenger coaches from the 1950s.

Stephenson Railway Museum is managed by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums on behalf of North Tyneside Council

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It is our last Santa Specials event this weekend, which are now sold out! We've had a lovely time and hope you have too. Next week we'll be leaving out a treat for Santa - milk and biscuits (and possibly a snifter of brandy to warm him up) and a carrot for Rudolph too! What do you leave?

4:31pm 18 Dec 2014

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We're now halfway through our Santa Specials of 2014, and some new & exciting plans have been made! On the 21st December, the last day of Santa Specials for the NTSR, we plan to run trains with Ashington No.5 and A.No.5 Top & Tailing followed by the last train being Double Headed, recreating this scene from the early 90s. Photo (C) Thomas Dyer

12:16pm 13 Dec 2014


Turners saved my marriage'

17 Dec 2014

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s a special time of year for many people and it’s also a very busy time for shops. Businesses are going into…