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What is ERIH - The European Route of Industrial Heritage? Our vision is to link as many of Industrial Heritage sites in Europe as possible in order to build a strong common brand. This brand can be much more visible on the tourism market than the most of other marketing actions the single site is able to carry out on it's own. How do we do this? First of all we are trying to link all the sites on our website and on Facebook. Sites will learn that 'you never walk alone' and potential visitors use it as a source of information for the planning of their travels. So far we are telling about more than thousand sites in 44 countries in Europe. And we ask our members to tell the millions of visitors (yes, there are many millions!) on their sites about ERIH, signs on site and brochures assist with this. This what we call 'network-marketing'. We talk to tourist agencies all over Europe to make them understand how important this special field of interest in the tourism market is even now and how huge the potentials are. And we are planning to do more - you will see! By the way: ERIH is a non-for-profit organization and financed mainly by the membership fees. Why not become a personal member? Or would you please think about a membership as one of our sites?

3:36pm 17 Apr 2015