200 years since George Stephenson built his first locomotive Blucher

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Well we had a great bank holiday just recovering - how about you?

1:52pm 27 Aug 2014

Timeline Photos
This 1930 LNER poster is of George Stephenson, often referred to as the father of the railways'. Associate Curator, Bob Gwynne, will be talking about the pre-history of the railways at the Making the Connection' archive conference on the 27 September. He'll be looking at the origins of the railways in the UK and their growth and how people have been involved with the railways for much longer than expected. See here for more: http://www.nrm.org.uk/planavisit/events/making-the-connection?keywords=archive+conference
Images from the official print sales website of the Science Museum, National Railway Museum and National Media Museum, incorporating the Royal Photographic Society Collection.http://budurl.com/sspl2

9:37am 26 Aug 2014


Fabulous Fans - Part Two

20 Aug 2014

During my project I re-packed the fans so they could be immediately visible before they are handled. This is so important due to the fragility of some of the…