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It is our last Santa Specials event this weekend, which are now sold out! We've had a lovely time and hope you have too. Next week we'll be leaving out a treat for Santa - milk and biscuits (and possibly a snifter of brandy to warm him up) and a carrot for Rudolph too! What do you leave?

4:31pm 18 Dec 2014

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We're now halfway through our Santa Specials of 2014, and some new & exciting plans have been made! On the 21st December, the last day of Santa Specials for the NTSR, we plan to run trains with Ashington No.5 and A.No.5 Top & Tailing followed by the last train being Double Headed, recreating this scene from the early 90s. Photo (C) Thomas Dyer

12:16pm 13 Dec 2014


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17 Dec 2014

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s a special time of year for many people and it’s also a very busy time for shops. Businesses are going into…