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Do you remember Washington 50 years ago, before the New Town? Have a look at our new Flickr album https://www.flickr.com/photos/twm_news/sets/72157646850449658/

Washington 50 years ago
2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Washington New Town. It was officially created on 24 July 1964 and since then the area has witnessed massive changes. Old pit terraces have been replaced with modern housing, thousands of new jobs have been created, great new shopping and leisu…

9:52am 11 Sep 2014

Alan's latest blog is on Whitburn Junior School in the early months of the First World War - an amazingly detailed record kept by headmaster Alfred Grundy http://www.twmuseums.org.uk/engage/blog/first-world-war-stories-a-headmasters-view-of-the-wars-first-months/

First World War Stories: A headmaster's view of the War's first months |...
On 4 August 1914 Britain entered the First World War. Events moved swiftly over the following months and I thought it would be interesting to take...

9:57am 10 Sep 2014



A film about Discovery Museum by the Museums and Galleries Disabled Access Group

A film about Discovery Museum in Newcastle by the Museums and Galleries Disabled Access Group. Find out about Discovery Museum and what you can see here. You can also hear about the access facilities from the members of the group. The group talks about their favourite exhibits and explains what help is available for visitors such as ramps, lifts, audio guides and pre-visit information packs.

The Secret Bunker

Kitty Brightwell, a former plotter in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) during World War II, tells the fascinating history of Newcastle's Secret Bunker. Find out how this RAF Fighter Command Headquarters in Kenton played a hugely significant role in the Battle of Britain. The film can be used alongside a Box of Delight (our free artefact loan service for schools) from Discovery Museum, and ends with Kitty setting a Secret Bunker Challenge to participants using the artefact box.


Lice Hunter

Imagine an enemy attacking everywhere but hard to spot. Imagine an enemy that can't be shot, will not surrender and keeps coming back. Worse still, imagine an enemy that has six legs and lives on human blood...

We are talking lice!

Click here to play the Lice Hunter game.


RMS Mauretania was one of the most famous ships ever built on Tyneside.

Click here to play the Mauretania game.