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It will take time to recover from the financial impact of the pandemic and we need your support to ensure we can care for our region’s heritage and deliver programmes to entertain our visitors and support our communities. 

With your support we will

  • Remove barriers to art, culture and heritage - offering safe places for our communities
  • Care for and protect your heritage
  • Share the stories of the North East and its people
  • Ignite the imaginations of children and young people

By donating £2, £12 or £22 a month you can help us keep art, culture and heritage at the heart of the North East.

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We support people

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Before the pandemic:

  • 1.2 million visits were made to our venues
  • Over 135,000 children engaged in our activities
  • 20,000 children used our Boxes of Delight classroom resources  
  • 6,500 people took part in our community programmes 
  • 30,000 people enjoyed The Late Shows which we co-ordinate across 50+ venues each year

We are memory makers: we create experiences that provoke important conversations. We build curiosity in the minds of the future. We improve the lives of millions of visitors each year, by helping people to understand the world around them. We strive to remove barriers to art, culture and heritage by offering a sanctuary, a safe place to recharge, to reflect and to relax. 

We share stories and care for collections

We care for our region's heritage

  • We protect and preserve 1.1million items in our collections
  • We look after over 20km of Archive material 
  • 20,000 children use our Boxes of Delight classroom resources 
  • Before the pandemic 400 volunteers helped to bring the stories from our collections to life contributing a total of 22,000 hours of their time 

We collect and care for the stories that shape us as individuals and communities. From local experiences to stories from across the world - we are the story keepers of the North East. We care for our region's heritage. We hold the memories of those who came before us and collect the stories for those who will come after. We celebrate North Eastern creativity and innovation and harness it to ignite the imagination of future generations.    

We celebrate places

Turbinia at Discovery Museum
  • 84% of our visitors are from the North East
  • We manage venues in 4 of the region's districts and work with cultural venues across the whole of the region through our programmes

Shaped by our natural, industrial and social landscape, our collections are firmly rooted in our locality, yet nationally and internationally important. They reflect how the pioneering inventions of the North East have changed the world and how people from our region have impacted on all aspects of life from science and industry to art and design. Through international partnerships we bring amazing artefacts from across the world to the people of Tyneside, helping all of us find our place in a shared history.    

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We believe art, culture and heritage sit firmly at the heart of our region and that they have the power to make a positive impact. 

With your support we will ignite the imaginations of future generations, support the health and wellbeing of our communities, care for our region’s heritage and share a wealth of stories to entertain and inspire. 

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