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Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums Venues

Door to door we are 22 miles of innovation, art, history and science packed into 4 museums, 3 art galleries, 2 Roman Forts and 1 Archive.

We are people, we are places, we are collections, we are stories.

We are the story keepers of the North East.

For 20 years we have worked to represent and reflect the people we welcome and respect the stories that our collections hold.

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid19 pandemic has seriously reduced our ability to generate income. After making all savings possible we need to raise £220,000.

With your support we will

  • Inspire over 1.2 million visitors every year
  • Care for and protect your heritage
  • Reflect, respect and share the stories our collections hold and the people they represent
  • Support everyone to access and use our collections and resources, wherever they are

Now more than ever, we believe art, culture and heritage sits firmly at the heart of the North East - help us keep it there.


We support people

We welcome 1.2 million visitors. Over 135,000 children engage in our activities, 8,000 people take part in our community programmes and 32,000 people enjoy The Late Shows which we co-ordinate across 50+ venues in Newcastle and Gateshead each year.

We are memory makers: we create experiences that provoke important conversations. We build curiosity in the minds of the future. We improve the lives of 1.2 million visitors each year, by helping people to understand the world around them. We strive to remove barriers to art, culture and heritage by offering a sanctuary, a safe place to recharge, to reflect and to relax. We work to ensure all generations, from our Toddler Takeovers to our Dementia friendly workshops, can access and enjoy the benefits of culture on their doorstep.

We share stories

Stories and learning activities were shared with almost 20,000 children via our Boxes of Delight service of classroom resources and almost 400 volunteers help to bring the stories from our collections to life for our visitors across a range of roles.

We collect and care for the stories that shape us as individuals and underpin our region. We share stories from our diverse communities and give those without a voice a way to articulate and connect with their own story. We collect and share experiences and stories from the region and around the world.

We care for collections

We protect and preserve 1.1. million items in our collections and we look after over 20km of Archive material.

We care for your heritage. We hold the memories of those who came before us and collect the stories for those who will come after. We look after unique locations and the creations of Northern inventors which shaped our world today. We applaud and celebrate North Eastern innovation that ignites the imaginations of future generations.

We contribute to places

We are a destination for all. Shaped by our natural, industrial and social landscape our collections are firmly rooted in our locality, yet nationally and internationally important. Our collections reflect how the pioneering inventions of the North East have changed the world. Through international partnerships we bring stories from across the world to the people of Tyne and Wear, helping all of us find our place in a shared history.

Support us today

We believe art, culture and heritage sit firmly at the heart of our region. 

If we do not secure £220,000 our future is at risk and with it the heart and soul of our region.