Current Projects

​Adult Health and Wellbeing Current Projects​

The Platinum Programme

The Platinum Programme is TWAM’s culture and heritage programme of inspiring activities and experiences for people aged over 55.

Projects that have been developed and delivered:

Partnerships with organisations such as Age UK North Tyneside and their Dementia Friendly Communities remit by holding Dementia Friendly afternoons at Segedunum Roman Fort.

Slow Museums currently takes place at the Shipley Art Gallery and are dedicated times where staff can assist anyone who needs more time or help with their visit. We aim to roll out this service across TWAM venues.

Live Well is a 3 year project in partnership with National Museums of Northern Ireland working with disadvantaged older people due to health, mobility, isolation, life change etc… and is evaluated through the 5 ways to wellbeing framework.  Download the Live Well brochure.

The Recovery RICH Programme

The Recovery RICH programme is TWAM’s culture and heritage programme for people in addiction and justice recovery. RICH stands for Recovering Identities through Culture and Heritage and was developed in partnership with a range of recovery support organisations.

We work in partnership with individuals and organisations across Tyneside to develop inspiring, creative projects that aim to support people in their recovery journey, by increasing confidence and wellbeing and promoting peer support and positive social interactions.

Project sessions take place in museum and community venues and museum objects, buildings, exhibitions and events are used as tools to stimulate dialogue, new learning, building skills, volunteering opportunities and a sense of pride and achievement.

Over the past few years, we have worked alongside a variety of recovery support services including Changing Lives, The Road to Recovery Trust, NECA, CGL – Change Grow Live, Streetwise Opera and Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company. 

The Wellbeing Programme

The Wellbeing Programme is TWAM’s culture and heritage programme that supports adults with mental health issues and recovery across Tyneside.

The Wellbeing Programme has been developed in partnership with national, regional and local mental health services, NHS professionals in hospitals and community settings, local mental health service user and carer forums, council commissioned services for adults with mental health issues and recovery colleges.

Activities include exhibitions and behind-the-scenes guided tours, using objects to promote which inspire conversations about history, heritage, art and culture, as well as making and creating everything from painting to poetry.

Recently, we collaborated with staff and participants at the Momentum Skills and Moving on Together Partnership who support people with head trauma, including people who have experienced strokes, into community rehabilitation.

Currently, we are working with Chilli Studios staff and service users who are exploring the mental health related archives TWAM look after to create new interpretations of mental health related collections.

We are also working with Bamburgh Clinic at St Nicholas Hospital in the medium secure men’s wards on the Locker Room project, exploring identity, culture and community within secure services.

Further work

The programmes highlighted above are the main health and wellbeing programmes we deliver at TWAM, but are not the only health and wellbeing related activities we run.

In the next few months, we will be further developing the programmes by offering free training packages (with free and paid for resources) for external professionals working in the health and wellbeing sector. The training will be for those who want to know more about how they can access museum resources, feel confident in facilitating museum and arts related sessions, understand more about how using museums and galleries collections fit with their health and wellbeing remits and can enhance their work, and, most importantly, the benefits to service users and patients.

We have just completed the Not So Grim Up North project funded by ACE Research Grants Programme 2015-18 to evaluate culture and health programmes in Manchester and Tyne and Wear. We hold research as key to convincing commissioners and policy makers of the value of cultural and creative practice within the health and wellbeing sector and will continue to advocate by utilising researchers and academics within TWAM programmes.