We want your hair!

03 July 2020

South Shields Museum & Art Gallery as a strange request - they want cuttings of local people's hair! As hair salon's begin to reopen from Saturday 4 July, the museum would like to find someone with 3+ months worth of hair growth, who has an appointment at the barbers or hair salon this week and is willing to share their hair clippings.  The hair will be added into the museum collection as a record of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the local community.  The museum has also been collecting other items including the rainbows painted and displayed to thank the NHS and key workers and items of PPE.

Please get in touch with adam.bell@twmuseums.org.uk before you go for the chop, if you think you can help and he can tell you exactly what they need.

[Image shows the plaits of South Tyneside's  globally famous writer Catherine Cookson from the museum's collection.]