The Recovery programme

For people in Addiction Recovery and Justice Recovery

Collage of different activities including singing and craft

The Recovery programme is our culture and heritage programme for people in addiction recovery and justice recovery and was developed with service users and professionals.

What do you do?

We work in partnership with individuals and organisations across Tyneside to develop inspiring, creative projects that aim to support people in their recovery journey, by increasing confidence, wellbeing and promoting peer support.

Project sessions take place in museum and community venues and are inspired by museum objects, buildings, exhibitions and events.

Over the years, we have collaborated with a variety of recovery support services including NECA, Changing Lives, The Road to Recovery Trust, Streetwise Opera and Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company, and many more.

Project activities and themes have included:

  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Object handling workshops
  • Visiting exhibitions
  • Contemporary collecting
  • Oral history recordings
  • Exhibition curation and creation
  • Jewellery making, ceramics, photography and more….
  • Digital technology
  • Themes of Identity, recovery, aspirations, mindfulness and more….
  • Heritage skills

How can I get involved?

The programme is designed in collaboration with professionals and service users from organisations that support people in addiction recovery and justice recovery.

Currently we only work with people who are already attached to a support organisation. 

If you are an individual and want to get involved, please still get in touch and we’ll try to signpost you to an appropriate group we are working with in your area.

  • Supported volunteering opportunities
  • Adult learning classes
  • Training for carers and professionals who work with people in recovery on how to use museums and galleries
  • Boxes of Delight – museum handling objects subscription service for community groups

Who do I contact?