The Pea Green Boat Project

A Multaka inspired project in Newcastle Upon Tyne

About Pea Green Boat

Visitors at the Great North Museum: Hancock

Pea Green Boat is an 18 month project currently taking place at Tyne & Wear Archives a Museums (TWAM) and is funded anonymously through the Community Foundation. 

Inspired by the Multaka initiative, a successful cultural volunteering project for refugees in Berlin, TWAM will work local organisations who support refugees and asylum seekers to introduce people to culturally diverse and exciting museum collections. Collaboratively, TWAM will work closely with refugees and asylum seekers to introduce people to TWAM's volunteering programme and to develop public tours in a number of languages focusing on particular points of interest within the collections.  

The outcome of Pea Green Boat will be a legacy of community learning and outreach that offers people support, development opportunities and the opportunity for new volunteers to undertake training modules from TWAM’s ‘Core Museum Skills’ programme, enhancing their employability, other skills and quality of their experience in the North East.   

The project goes hand in hand with TWAM's mission statement and community values which are to ‘help people determine their place in the world and define their identities, so enhancing their self-respect and their respect for others’ and we believe ‘we make a positive difference to people's lives, inspire and challenge people to explore their world and we are a powerful learning resource for people of all needs and backgrounds.' The tours developed within Pea Green Boat will be a valuable resource for future refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Newcastle. 

For further information on this project or to find out how to be involved please contact Ruth Sheldon, Project Coordinator.

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Museum tours in English and Arabic and German

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Thank you

The Pea Green Boat project has been supported and developed by a number of staff at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. Their expertise and knowledge, which they have shared with us, has made the project and absolute joy to work on as Project Coordinator and for all of the fantastic volunteers that I have been working with over the past year.

Thank you to my colleagues:

Andrew Parkin, Keeper of Archaeology

Helen Vasey, Assistant Keeper of History

David Weatherstone, Assistant Outreach Officer  

The Friends of Discovery Museum

Thank you all, it is a pleasure to work with you.

Ruth Sheldon, The Pea Green Boat Project Coordinator