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Interesting blog by our keeper Sarah on First World War victory tea parties - inspired by John Joseph Potts' watercolour of a tea party on Pilgrim Street

First World War Party in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle | Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums Blog
There was an absolute craze for street parties in Newcastle in August 1919 to celebrate the signing of the Peace Treaty on June 28th - the official end of the First World War. There were a few Peace' and Victory' tea parties in July, but they really took off in August, when a heatwave coincided wi…

11:24am 02 Oct 2014

This stunning stained glass window was designed by J Edgar Mitchell for the Laing's opening in 1904. It was later removed and lay in storage for many years, but was lovingly restored and returned 100 years later as part of the gallery's centenary refurbishment.

1:44pm 01 Oct 2014


A film about Discovery Museum by the Museums and Galleries Disabled Access Group

A film about Discovery Museum in Newcastle by the Museums and Galleries Disabled Access Group. Find out about Discovery Museum and what you can see here. You can also hear about the access facilities from the members of the group. The group talks about their favourite exhibits and explains what help is available for visitors such as ramps, lifts, audio guides and pre-visit information packs.

The Secret Bunker

Kitty Brightwell, a former plotter in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) during World War II, tells the fascinating history of Newcastle's Secret Bunker. Find out how this RAF Fighter Command Headquarters in Kenton played a hugely significant role in the Battle of Britain. The film can be used alongside a Box of Delight (our free artefact loan service for schools) from Discovery Museum, and ends with Kitty setting a Secret Bunker Challenge to participants using the artefact box.


the name's Bond…. James Bond

25 Sep 2014

On the morning of 17 February 1952 Ian Fleming started writing what would become his first book “Casino Royale” at his Goldeneye estate in Jamaica.