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Our museum manager is a huge mince pie fan. So much so he has one every single day of the year!!

In honour of his love of the seasonal treat here's a little story about the mince pie from History Revealed...

Mincemeat in mince pies was originally just that! Minced meat (mutton or beef), cooked with fruit, peel & spices brought back by crusaders during the middle ages.

Some historians claim the 3 main spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves) represent the Magi, others suggest that there were 13 ingredients, 1 each for Christ and his Apostles.

'Christmas pyes' took various shapes, usually in a pastry coffin/box & some had a little pastry baby representing Jesus in the manger.

The addition of a generous slug of booze dates back to Victorian times. A recipe from 1888 in Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management recommends including half a pint (yes) of brandy - squiffy!

Have you got any interesting mince pie facts or stories? Why not share with us.

3:55pm 17 Dec 2014

Lovely article in the Shields Gazette about our volunteers who have been recognised for their dedication and work at the museum.

We really can't thank Phil & David enough for all their efforts.
Volunteering is hugely important to us. If you would like to get involved, visit www.twmuseums.org.uk/get-involved/volunteering


Volunteers honoured for helping chronicle South Tyneside's past
VOLUNTEERS at a South Tyneside museum have been honoured for their dedication.

10:05am 16 Dec 2014


Turners saved my marriage'

17 Dec 2014

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s a special time of year for many people and it’s also a very busy time for shops. Businesses are going into…