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Our promise

As an organisation, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums is striving to put people at the centre of museums on both an intellectual and physical level.

We are committed to ensuring that as many people have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the museums and galleries as possible.

Our aim is to create a user-friendly environment which is relevant to the needs of the visitor and one which provides freedom of choice. The approach taken is much wider than simply providing facilities for disabled people. Access is for all visitors. Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums adopts the social definition of disability, namely, that people are disabled by the environment in which they have to operate, rather than by their own physical or intellectual limitations. We are also committed to addressing the needs and raising the aspirations of people who are economically or socially disadvantaged.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your access requirements.

Website accessibility

This site has been designed with access in mind. It has been designed and built in line with the guidelines set by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

For more information on these standards and web accessibility in general please visit The Web Accessibility Initiative

Text options

For visitors using a graphical browser the text size on the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums website can be set by selecting the text size buttons at the top left of each page.

There is also a text-only option, which shows the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums site in high contrast with the images removed. The text-only mode has its own accessibility options allowing the visitor to change colours and sizes of the text.