Use the links below to download our policies:

Acquisitions and Disposal Policy: Archives (PDF, 787 KB)

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (PDF, 206 KB)

Archives Charging Policy 2022 (PDF, 595 KB)

Archives Collections Information Policy 2022 (PDF, 765 KB)

Breastfeeding commitment (Word, 252 KB)

Business Continuity Management Plan (PDF, 672 KB)

Care of Working Collection Objects Policy (PDF, 323 KB)

Collections Development Policy for Museums and Galleries (PDF, 586 KB)

Collections Care and Conservation Policy (PDF, 230 KB)

Confidential Reporting Policy (PDF, 151 KB)

Counter Fraud Policy (PDF, 133 KB)

Customer Service Standards (PDF, 173 KB)

Diversity, Equality and Access Policy (PDF, 271 KB)

Documentation policy (PDF, 277 KB)

Environmental Policy (PDF, 107 KB)

Ethics Policy (PDF, 611 KB)

Great North Museum Acquisition and Disposal Policy (PDF, 347 KB)

Great North Museum Archaeology Archives Deposition Policy (PDF, 561 KB)

Great North Museum Policy for the Care of Human Remains (PDF, 195 KB)

Great North Museum Repatriation Policy (PDF, 459 KB)

Health & Safety Policy (PDF, 143 KB)

Interests and Gifts and Hospitality Policy (Word, 321 KB) 

Online safeguarding policy (PDF, 341 KB)

Research Code of Practice (PDF, 52 KB)

Research Strategy (PDF, 102 KB)

Reserves Strategy (Word, 297 KB)

Risk Management Framework (Word, 446 KB)

Safeguarding Policy and Procedure (PDF, 736 KB)

Significant Partnerships Code of Practice (PDF, 371 KB)

Tyne & Wear Archives Charging Policy (PDF, 28 KB)

Value for Money Strategy (PDF, 296 KB)

Volunteer policy 2020 (PDF, 113 KB)