A Christmas message

21 December 2020

Twas the night before lockdown, when all through TWAM*, 

we waited in anticipation of what was to come.  

The exhibits were covered by dust sheets with haste 

and files moved to Sharepoint with no time to waste.  

Makeshift home offices were hurriedly made,  

as summer activity plans started to fade. 


The days filled with zoom calls and check-ins and Teams,

building checks, archive work and coronavirus memes. 

Everything went digital and quick as a dart, 

we were blogging and filming and re-enacting art. 

Exhibitions and workshops took a virtual form, 

a‘culture in quarantine’ became the new norm. 


As the summer drew closer we rallied around, 

and with caring, creativity and compassion we found, 

there were lots of ways we could help people get through

at foodbanks and care homes and children in need too. 


Then July came and with it the wonderful news, 

we could open our venues as soon as we choose. 

So with no time to lose and a skip in our step, 

we started cleaning and planning and all of the prep. 

We drew up our list and checked it off twice, 

there was cleaning, more cleaning and cleaning – perhaps thrice! 


And signs and tickets and one-way routes for miles, 

and face masks and sanitiser and of course lots of smiles! 

Our visitors returned and were full of our praise, 

they had missed our venues in so many ways. 


And as we began to enjoy some normality once more, 

Covid-19 had a different agenda in store. 

Infection rates were rising again you see, 

So, we were cast back into lockdown this time called Tier 3. 


2020 was just awful but thanks so much to you, 

our amazing visitors and supporters - you’ve gotten us through.

So, here’s to the future and one we can’t wait to share. 

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 


*TWAM – Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums