Photography and Filming


Image: Kodak Portrait Brownie No 2 camera (1928)

If you are taking photographs or making films in our venues, we ask that: 

  • You are considerate and respect the privacy of those around you (including our staff) 
  • You do not touch, mark or damage the objects on display 
  • You only photograph or film children in your party (and that includes school groups). However, in line with Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’ (TWAM) safeguarding policy, we ask that you do not take photographs of children, young people or adults at risk with which you have no association. TWAM reserves the right to ask a member of the public to leave if after requesting that they refrain, they continue to take images which may include children or adults at risk. 
  • You credit the copyright holder for any in-copyright works featured in your photographs or films. 
  • You do not use external flashes in areas where there are artworks or objects that may be sensitive to light conditions. 
  • On the rare occasion that all photography and filming is prohibited within an exhibition or specific parts of the museum, you respect those conditions. 
  • We encourage you to share your personal experience of your visit on social media, provided it is for private, non-commercial purposes. Non-commercial means that it is not for, or dedicated towards, commercial advantage or private monetary compensation. For example: 
    • To promote brands 
    • Photographic work 
    • Revenue generating posts such as branded advertising, or including paid for affiliating links 

If you do want to take photographs or film for commercial purposes, please contact us at: 

When taking photographs or filming in our museums or galleries, you may be approached by our staff and asked about the purposes of your photography or filmingPlease get in touch if you have any questions: